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Wooil Heavy Equipment Parts Solution - Undercarriage & Spare Parts

Undercarriage & Spare Parts

Our company "Wooil Heavy Equipment Parts Solution" supply the Undercarriages and All Inner Parts with sustainability, durability and high performance. And the Inner Parts are composed of Track Roller, Lower Roller, Carrier, Roller, Upper Roller, Sprocket, Segment, Idler, Track Link, Track Shoe, Rubber Track, Track Bolt, Nut and etc.

HYUNDAI EXCAVATOR R55, R60, R80, R110, R140, R145, R160, R180, R210, R220, R235, R250, R290, R300, R360, R330, R430, R450, R520, R800 and etc.
HALLA EXCAVATOR HE130, HE220, HE280, HE360, HE450 and etc.
DOOSAN EXCAVATOR S55, S130, S170, S220, S280, S290, S300, S330, S340, S360, S420, S450, S470, DX55, DX140, DX180, DX210, DX220, DX225, DX300, DX340, DX380, DX500, DX480, DX530 and etc.
DEAWOO EXCAVATOR DH130, DH220-3/5, DH220-5, DH290-5, DH320, DH330-3/5, DH450-3 and etc.
VOLVO EXCAVATOR EC55, EC160, EC180, EC210, EC235, EC240, EC250, EC290, EC300, ECR305, EC330, EC340, EC360, EC380, EC460, EC480, EC700, EW145, EW205 and etc
CRAWLER DOZER SD4P, SD6(P), DX6PL, 11B, 14C, SD15P, 16B, FD20, SD20, 21C,31, FD40, DX25, DX30 and etc.
SAMSUNG EXCAVATOR MX6W, MX132W, MX175WS, MX10LC, MX292LC, MX352LC, MX452LC, SE130, SE210, SE240, SE280, SE350, SE360, SE450 and etc.
KOMATSU EXCAVATOR PC200, PC300, PC400, PC650 and etc.
CRAWLER DOZER D21A-8EO, D37EX-22, D61EX-15EO, D65EX-16, D85ESS-2A, D155AX-6, D275AX-5EO, D355A3, D475A-5EO, D575A and etc.
HITACHI EXCAVATOR EX10, EX20, EX30, EX45, EX60, EX70, EX100, EX200, EX300, EX335, EX350, EX370, EX400, EX550, EX700, ZX200, ZX210, ZX220, ZX270, ZX280, ZX300, ZX330, ZX350, ZX370, ZX600, XZ650, ZX670, FH650 and etc.
KOBELCO EXCAVATOR SK115, SK135, SK200, SK210, SK220, SK230, SK250, SK330, SK430, SK450, SK460, SK480 and etc.
CATERPILLAR EXCAVATOR 1U3302, 1U3352, 1U3452, CAT12G, CAT14G, CAT16G, CAT320, CAT325, CAT330 and etc.
CRAWLER DOZER D5H, D6M, D6N, D6H, D6R, D6T, D7H, D7R, D8N, D8R, D8T and etc.
Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: wooilparts@wooilparts.com
※ Please be informed that the above mentioned manufacturers, descriptions and trademarks are used for reference purpose only. It doesn't mean that the above items listed are the products of these manufacturers.